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When you start to design any product, first you must know what you want to gain. In case of VELUM cables, the guidelines are defined precisely. The aim is to create the cables which can transmit the sound matter of which the musical piece consists, in absolutely exact way. Music is the most important thing in this activity. Music is at the source of all the records and this same music should be heard from speakers.

VELUM cables give the comfortable conditions to those who are keen on "full visibility" of the whole musical material and want to watch the characteristic, size and place of any sound in musical structure. Such the abilities are essential for record producers - they must know what is missing or redundant in the structure of record so that the relations between sounds could build proper artistic effect of it. Of course, such the cables cannot "lie" in any case. It means that they cannot embroider, change the position of sounds, etc.

VELUM cables reproduce the whole range of acoustic information, and especially the loudness of all sounds and all their timbre components; they preserve the tonality of sounds and allow to localize the sound in very deep sound stage faultlessly. Listening to the music using VELUM cables may be compared to the pleasure of listening living musicians directly. Thanks to their technological solutions, VELUM company can shape the parameters of cables in very broad range; however, technology is only ancillary to gain a perfect conductor of musical matter organized in electric signals. And in this sense the manufacturing of cables is not only the technical process; it is rather artistic one, similar to violin making. All the products are hand-made and perfected laboriously until they reach the level consistent with standard. There is a big amount of control parameters so checking every cable lasts for the long time.

You can find the details regarding those matters by clicking in Technology button.

To describe the style of VELUM cables one can say that they are orderly, reliable, with natural timbre and precisely reproduced space. They guarantee the transmission of the whole abundance of sound matter, moods and climates which allows to experience music deeply. VELUM cables are particularly appreciated by musicians and people who used to play themselves.

One more thing: VELUM cables are designed for long-lasting listening, so they cannot - and are not - tiring for the listener. It is just pleasure which can last till the end of time.

VELUM company creates for people who love music and want to listen to it!